Flags International | Pledge of AllegianceFlagpoles are a challenge. What size do I need? How big of a flag can I fly? Will it bend or break? Can I install it myself? So many questions and so many choices. Flags International has it all. Outdoor flagpoles, parade flagpoles, indoor poles, one-piece, sectional and even telescopic flagpoles. However, Flags International also has something that will help…our full-time flagpole experts to answer your questions and help you through the decision making process. Aluminum or steel sectional flagpoles at your house or even the seamless T-6063 aluminum and fiberglass flagpoles can be installed by a novice with the proper directions and suggestions. Our full product line of flagpoles for inside and outdoors is at your disposal. Simply call the flagpole experts at Flags International with your questions today!