Australia Flag Lapel Pin
  • Australia Flag Lapel Pin

Australia Flag Lapel Pin


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Lapel Pins such as this Australia pin have a metal clutch pin or rubber backing.



Lapel Pins are a way that people display their pride, traditions, loyalties and beliefs in countries, states, groups, schools, and other organizations. Often, using a Lapel Pin is a way we show our relationships to these areas of our lives. By using a Lapel Pin recognizing the country or countries our ancestors came from, we carry on our family pride. Using the Lapel Pin for states, military branches, or other groups, we further represent ourselves as individuals. Flags International offers these lapel pins for your use. These 1″ metal lacquered or enamel Lapel Pins are manufactured with the most current approved flag image. The Lapel Pins are designed with either a clutch pin or rubber backing. This 1″ Lapel Pin of Australia is a subtle accessory for your wardrobe or hat.

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Lapel Pins

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