Soviet Union Flag
  • Soviet Union Flag
  • Soviet Union Flag
  • Soviet Union Flag
  • Soviet Union Flag
  • Soviet Union Flag
  • Soviet Union Flag

USSR (1955-1991)


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Foreign countries are important flag items to Flags International. Flags International offers authentic Flags of the World. National flags from the United Nations member countries and other non-member countries have the most current authorized seals, colors and proportions as approved by each country. We constantly update these flags once approved by the countries and recognized by the Flag Research Center. These international and ancestral flags have the brightest colors available in the most complex seals. Flags of foreign countries sold by Flags International are Made in the USA. This flag of Soviet Union can be flown on a wall-mounted flagpole set or on an in-ground flagpole.


Product Description

The design is a solid field of red adorned with a unique gold emblem in the upper hoist quarter. The red flag was a traditional revolutionary symbol long before 1917, and its incorporation into the flag paid tribute to the international aspect of workers’ revolution. The iconic hammer and sickle design was a modern touch to the union of the hammer (workers) and the sickle (peasants) represents the victorious and enduring revolutionary alliance. The famous emblem is topped by an inconspicuous red star representing the rule of the Communist Party.

Additional Information

Flag Construction

Single Sided / Reverse Back

Flag Size

2ft x 3ft, 3ft x 5ft, 4ft x 6ft, 5ft x 8ft

Flag Mounting

Heading and Grommets, Pole Sleeve, Pole Sleeve and Fringe


1-Ply Polyester, Nylon

Flag Hemming

Lock Stitch

Product Type


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