Flags and Flagpoles, like anything, will become worn over time. At Flags International, we help restore your Flags and Flagpoles to their former glory so that they can continue to soar in the wind just as they are meant to.

Is the rope broken off of your Flagpole?
Is the rope on your Flagpole not working properly so that you can't raise or lower it?

If you live within the Michiana area, Flags International can assist in most Flag or Flagpole Repair that you may need.

Here at Flags International, we are more than happy to help with...

Restringing old or broken Halyard
Replacing Snaps and Covers
Fixing or replacing Trucks & Pulleys
Replacing Gold Balls & Flagpole Toppers
Installing or replacing Solar Lights
Leveling a leaning Pole
Fixing stuck internal winches
Adding Halyard Security locks

& more



If you are looking for Flagpole Repairs in Michiana, contact us here for more information


Flagpoles are located outside, leaving them vulnerable to winds and weather. At Flags International, we understand that these things happen and are more than happy to help in all types of Flagpole Repairs including Replacing Flagpole Toppers.

With over 50 years in the Flag business, we understand the importance that a Flag has on its owner as it truly represents who you are as a person and, just like you, we want your Flag and Flagpole to be in its best condition.
If your Flags rope won't pull your Flag up or down...

We service the Michiana area and a radius of 50 miles outside of it, from Michiana all the way to Benton Harbor, Michigan.