Blue Star Service Banner

Jim Bolinger
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Unofficially referred to as the “Blue Star Banner

The Department of Defense has authorized these banners or flags to be displayed by “the immediate family” of a member of the Armed Forces of the United States during the country’s current “war” status. The flag has a white background, with a red border and a blue star in the center of the flag. (One star for each family member in the Armed Forces.) A “gold” star indicates the death of the Service Member.

This flag or banner dates to World War I when it was originally commissioned for the families of servicemen. The original design by Captain R. L. Queisser was copyrighted in 1917. Legal title subsequently passed to the government. The flag was revived during World War II and used during the Korean Conflict as well as during the Viet Nam War.

The Service Banner is generally hung in the window of the home of the “immediate family” of the Service member. The Service Flag may be flown in conjunction with the United States Flag, but always in a subsidiary position.

In 1967, the United States Congress codified the manufacture and use of the flag/banner. Manufacture of the flag/banner requires a license. Flags International is one of a few select companies authorized by the Department of Defense to manufacture and sell this flag or banner.