Flag Specifications

Jim Bolinger
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Flag Hemming

Chain Stitching

Chain stitching on a flag costs a bit more, but has some benefits including greater seam stability and seam elasticity. The chain stitch seam uses more thread and is therefore more visually prominent.

Lock Stitching

Standard stitching is more common in flags. It is less costly, requires less thread, and give the seams of your flag less visual prominence

Flag Material

Nylon Flags

Nylon flags are ideal for outdoor use. Nylon offers the greatest fade resistance and is light-weight so flies well.

1-Ply Polyester Flag

Polyester flags are the least costly fabric option, but doesn’t weather well. Recommended for light use only.

2-Ply Polyester Flag

2-Ply polyester is a heavier than nylon flags, but it’s open-weave stands up to high winds better than nylon. Nylon still offers greater color fastness.

Cotton Flag

Cotton flags look great, but cost a bit more and do not hold up in the weather well. Recommended for light use only.

Flag Mounting

Heading and Grommets

Canvas heading and brass grommets are used for flags that will be hoisted by a halyard on an in-ground flagpole. Flags with heading and grommets can also be used on wall-mounted poles, but require special fasteners.

Pole Sleeve

Flags with pole sleeves are used on wall-mounted flagpoles. The flagpole is fed through the sleeve and is held in place by a tab sewn on the inside of the flag.

Heading and D-Rings

Canvas heading and D-rings are typically used on larger flags. The rings (shaped like a “D”) are securely sewn into the canvas heading rather than being punched in like grommets.

Heading and Thimbles

Roped Canvas heading and thimbles are exceptionally strong. This is only used on large flags. Metal thimbles are secured together by a nylon rope sewn into the heading.

Star Type

Printed Stars

Flags with screen printed stars are just as durable as flags with embroidered stars, but cost less. Since the stars of a flag on an in-ground flagpole are more difficult to see from the ground than flags on a wall-mounted pole, screen printed stars are a good alternative to a more expensive embroidered star flag.

Dyed Stars

Acid-dyed flags include a fully dyed star field. Dyed flags allow the sun to shine through white elements of a flag, so the stars appear brighter on dyed flags.

Embroidered Stars

Flags with embroidered star fields cost a little bit more, but are very attractive. This is a great option for flags that will be wall-mounted as they are eye-level and the details of the embroidery can be appreciated.

Appliqued Stars

Appliqued stars are a great alternative to embroidery on larger flags. They offer a comparable hand-sewn look to the flag, while keeping the canton area of the flag light-weight and durable.