Flags of Ireland

Jim Bolinger
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With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner we thought a good topic for this blog was Flags of Ireland.

Ireland has several different flags that represent the people of Ireland in this blog we will try to give you a small bit of information on these flags.

First we have the National Flag of Ireland

The National Flag is a tri-color flag. This Flag was first used in Ireland in 1848.  Some reports indicate that it was based on the flag of France.  The green represents the country’s Roman Catholics; orange represents the Protestants; and white represents a hope for peace, trust and unity.

The second flag is the Erin Go Bragh Flag

This flag is sometimes called the Irish-American Flag. It features a gold harp (the harp has been the favorite traditional instrument in Ireland for hundreds of years) surrounded by clover with the words Erin Go Bragh at the bottom, all on a field of green.

Versions of this flag were carried by Irish-American regiments in the Civil War.

In Gaelic, the ancient language of Ireland, “Erin go bragh” is a well-known phrase that means “Ireland Forever.”

The third flag is the St. Patrick’s Cross

The Irish cross of St. Patrick originated in the coat of arms of the Anglo-Irish family of Fitzgerald and was the main emblem, adopted in 1783, of the Order of St. Patrick.  When the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland came into existence on January 1, 1801, the Cross of St. Patrick was chosen to represent Ireland in the flag of the United Kingdom.

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