Why Purchase Your Flags From Flags International??

Jim Bolinger
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Why Purchase Your Flags from Flags International?

  • Lower cost
  • Longest lasting flags
  • Made in the USA
  • Repair service (to lower your overall cost)
  • Free Flag Retirement (to comply with Federal Law)
  • Discounts through the Corporate Purchase Program
  • Website discounts
  • Discounts on flag & flagpole maintenance

By purchasing your flags from Flags International, you can:

  1. Lower the cost of flying the American Flag
    • The price of a flag does not represent the total cost of flying a flag. If the flag must be replaced 2 or 3 times a year, the price may be low but the cost is high.
  2. Be assured of the longest lasting, best quality American Flags
    • Flags International tests all of the U.S. flags that we sell to assure you of the best quality products. Different materials and construction “standards” are used by various manufacturers.
    • See Attachment # 1
  3. Our private label flag is the best in the industry.
    • This flag includes special reinforcement on the fly-corners, special stitching on the stripes and a heavier heading for the longest lasting American flag in the industry. See Attachment # 2
    • You will actually be able to see and feel the quality difference!
  4. “Made in the USA”guaranteed!

    • The management of Flags International has visited the manufacturing facilities of our suppliers!
    • Counterfeit flags are being sold in the US; this is even more likely on the internet.
    • One documented example of counterfeit flags – See Attachment # 3
  5. The repair service for American flags purchased from Flags International lowers your cost.
    • We will repair U.S. Flags for approximately ¼ the price of a new flag. This dramatically reduces the cost of flying the flag.
  6. Utilize the free flag retirement (disposal) service.
    • According to law (USC Title 4, §8(k)), the American flag should be retired (destroyed) by burning in a dignified manner (not with trash). Most organizations find it difficult to comply with this requirement.
    • Flags International provides a free retirement (disposal) service for American flags purchased from Flags International.
  7. Deep discounts are available through the Corporate Purchase Program
    • The Corporate Purchase Program provides deep discounts for organizations that purchase a large quantity of flags annually.
    • The program is tailored to the specific needs of your organization.
  8. Website Discounts
    • For purchasers of single, or low quantities of, flags our website provides selected, quality flags at discounted prices.
    • These flags are available only through the website.
  9. Discounts on flag & flagpole maintenance services.
    • If your flag is purchased from Flags International, we provide a discount of approximately 20% on the hourly rate for flagpole maintenance and service.
    • We also have an annual flag & flagpole maintenance agreement that assures you of never having a frayed flag nor an inoperable flagpole for little more than the cost of a flag!

Attachment #1 – Testing Flags to Assure Quality

Flags International periodically tests flags from all major manufacturers to determine the best quality.

Flags International

These are all flags from different manufacturers, made of different materials and different “construction”.  We are not aware of any other flag dealer that goes to this extent to assure its customers of a quality product.

Attachment #2 – Best Constructed U.S. Flag

Flags International

Attachment # 3 – Counterfeit Flags Being Sold

Annin Flagmakers (the oldest and largest flag makers in the U.S.) determined that an individual was attempting to sell counterfeit flags.  Several flag dealers, manufacturer’s representatives and law enforcement agencies orchestrated a sting operation to seize the goods.

Avoid purchasing sub-standard, counterfeit flags by purchasing from established, well-known retailers.  Flags International has a “bricks and mortar” store, an extensive website, is a member of the National Independent Flag Dealers Association and has a reputation established through 44 years of high quality products and services.