The U.S. Flag is the most important item that is offered by Flags International.  We take seriously the responsibility we have in providing the highest quality United States flag.  To do so, we are constantly testing American flags on our multiple height flagpoles to ensure that you as a consumer are given the best quality flag in each of our pricing areas.  Although U.S. flags are all similarly constructed, specific differences have an impact on the flag’s durability.  We try everyday to make certain that we provide the best quality and customer service.  To do so, we consider all customers as friends.  As a friend, we will offer you our best advice when determining which U.S. flag will serve your needs.  This is not only an economic but structural perspective.

2-Ply Polyester

2-Ply Polyester flags are best when there is lots of wind and mounted on a heavy-duty flagpole
  • Matte finish
  • Heavyweight spun polyester / Feels like cotton
  • Extremely durable in high wind
  • Best-wearing, longest lasting
  • Good for commercial flagpoles
  • Ideal for extreme weather conditions without excess weight
  • Best Material for Larger Flags
  • Open Weave Reduces Fabric Stress / Fray resistant
  • Open Weave Reduces Fabric Stress / Fray resistant
  • Longest Lasting Flag Available

Member of NIFDA

Know that as members of NIFDA, the National Independent Flag Dealer’s Association, we only offer United States flags that are made in America.