Commercial Flagpoles

The Commercial Flag Poles for sale at Flags International are manufactured here in the USA. These aluminum and fiberglass flagpoles have been field tested for strength and durability. In addition we sell our commercial flag poles with the highest quality components.
At Flags International we offer full service Commercial Flag Pole Installation and have a professional staff available to answer all of your questions.

Aluminum Flagpoles

Our tapered aluminum commercial flagpoles offer the best value in outdoor flagpoles. Other materials might offer an advantage in certain specific conditions but in general, aluminum will last longer and age more gracefully than steel, fiberglass, concrete or wood. The design formulas take into consideration the components of the flagpole, flag, and the nature of wind gusts as called for in the formulas approved by the National Association of Architectural Metal Manufacturers.

At Flags International, the aluminum commercial flagpoles we have for sale are manufactured by Concord Industries here in the United States.

  • The Continental – an External Halyard System
  • The Independence – a Cable Based Internal Halyard System
  • The Sentry – a Rope Based Internal Halyard System

Fiberglass Flagpoles

In addition to the aluminum commercial flagpole we also have available a fiberglass commercial flag pole.

Made in the USA by Fiberglass Flagpoles of America, these flagpoles are convenient, strong and durable. Our fiberglass flagpoles will not pit, corrode or rust over time. The high-quality gelcoat finish insures the brilliant white surface will not dull over time and exposure to sun, wind and rain. Our fiberglass flagpoles are maintenance-free with the exception of changing the halyard (rope), flag snaps and flag. These flag poles can withstand winds up to 210 mph. Even flagged they can take constant winds up to 170 mph.

Flags International provides professional commercial flagpole installation.
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If you favor traditional flagpoles, you can choose a fiberglass model with an external halyard. It will have some, though limited, rotation capability and be very quiet in the wind, compared to metal poles. It will have all the strength, durability and lasting beauty of the internal-halyard fiberglass flagpoles.

Our fiberglass flagpoles vary in height from 20 to 40 feet.

Our manufacturing produces exceptionally strong flagpoles. Unflagged, our poles can withstand winds up to 210 mph. Even flagged they can take constant winds up to 170 mph.

If you are looking for maintenance-free and lasting beauty, convenience, strength and durability in your flagpole, contact Flags International.