Custom Wave / Tear BannersDebbie O'Keefe
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Wave Banners (Banner Only)1+3+6+12+25+50+
8′$125.00 ea.$110.00 ea.$105.00 ea.$95.00 ea.$80.00 ea.$75.00 ea.
12′$155.00 ea.$140.00 ea.$135.00 ea.$125.00 ea.$115.00 ea.$100.00 ea.
15′$235.00 ea.$220.00 ea.$210.00 ea.$170.00 ea.$160.00 ea.$155.00 ea.
Wave Banner Pole$140.00 ea.$130.00 ea.$120.00 ea.$116.00 ea.$110.00 ea.$110.00 ea.
Wave Banners (Pole Included)1+3+6+12+25+50+
8′$260.00 ea.$225.00 ea.$210.00 ea.$195.00 ea.$175.00 ea.$170.00 ea.
12′$290.00 ea.$255.00 ea.$245.00 ea.$225.00 ea.$210.00 ea.$195.00 ea.
15′$370.00 ea.$335.00 ea.$315.00 ea.$270.00 ea.$255.00 ea.$245.00 ea.
Tear Drop Banner Kits (pole included)1+3+6+12+25+50+
10′$345.00 ea.$315.00 ea.$290.00 ea.$270.00 ea.$255.00 ea.$230.00 ea.

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