As a proud member of the National Independent Flag Dealers Association and with over 50 years in business, we at Flags International are professionally well-versed in all things Flags, Flagpoles, Flag Accessories, Flagpole Installation, Flagpole Repairs and Flag Hem Repairs. No matter what you're looking for, we have got it all!
From American Flags for sale, International Flags for sale, Civil Service Flags for sale, College Flags for sale and more, we are certain you will find exactly what you're looking for.


We ship our Flag Products worldwide as well as have a brick-and-mortar store located in Osceola, Indiana. Flags International has the World's Best Flags and Flag Accessories!
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It's Not Just a flag...
It's a reflection of you!

At Flags International, we are committed to assisting every personality type in finding the right Flags that truly represent who you are. We are passionate about Flags and even more passionate about helping you find the right ones that meets your lifestyle, fits your budget and serves you in every way, regardless of what kind of Flag you're looking for.


Flags International is the home of the World's Best Flags and the World's Best Flag Services. We provide all types of Flags, from American Flags to College Flags, from Civil Flags and Government Flags to Sports Flags, Movie Fan Flags and American States Flags. Not only do we offer thousands of designs, but we offer just as many sizes to assure we fit your space perfectly. You have every Flag and Flagpole choice imaginable at your fingertips! 



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"Your Flags should be a reflection of who you are and where you've been in life... and we can help you get there."


Excellent Flag Products for a Price you can't beat!


We understand that Flag and Flagpole Repairs can often be pricey but, because we are one of the largest online and physical Flag stores in the country, we are able to offer you Flag and Flagpole Repairs at competitive prices. In addition, we have been in the Flag business for over half a century, meaning that we know Flags!
Our priority in this business is to offer our customers the highest quality Flags and Flagpoles that this world has to offer. We believe in quality and that is the main reason we at Flags International have stayed in business for so long. 

And now we're excited to share that experience with you!



Of course, our specialty is Flags and Flagpoles and for over 50 years, we at Flags International have provided the Michiana community with our brick-and-mortar store where our guests are welcome to come in, browse our beautiful showroom and choose the Flags and Flag Accessories of their liking, in person. And with the help of our staff, we can answer any and all questions that you may have regarding the size, color, type and design of Flags so that you don't have to guess. Flags International has one of the Best Flag Showrooms in the entire northern Indiana and southwestern Michigan region. We have an incredible selection of all types of Flags including: American Flags for sale, State Flags for sale, Country Flags for sale, College Flags for sale, Sports Flags for sale and much, much more.


We invite you to visit our Osceola, Indiana Flag showroom to browse our wide variety of Flags and Flag products and also chat with our professionals! For more information call us at 574.674.5125 or click to contact us here.


A Flag is a perfect representation of who you are, what you are passionate about and what you believe in. Whether you're a sports fan and just want to show a little pride or you respect your country's Firefighters, a Flag is a great way to show those feelings.
Flags International has a great variety of Flags to choose from, no matter what you're looking for!


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Although not every Flag requires a Flagpole, many do and at Flags International we have a variety of Flagpoles available to you. From Ground-Mounted Flagpoles that safely fasten to your home or office building to Flagpoles and Flagpoles that secure to your vehicle/ tailgate, we have got it all!

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If you want to show your pride and respect for things that you love the most but don't want to mount it on your home, building or vehicle, consider our other Flag Accessories such as Pins, Decals, Can Coozies, Hats, Ornaments, Grave Markers and more.

These accessories are the perfect way to show love and appreciation for the things that mean the most!

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Regardless of which type of Flags, Flags Accessories or Flag Services that you are interested in, Flags International has got it for you. Call us today at 574.674.5125 or visit our Shop Page here.


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Installing a Flag isn't something you've probably done more than once or twice in your life if at all and at Flags International, we understand this. 
We offer several different types of Flagpole Installations including Residential and Commercial Flagpole installations. 





As with anything else, life and weathering can take a toll on your Flagpole as life goes on, especially because they are located outdoors. Because of this, Flags International offers one of America's Best Flagpole Repair Services. From Flagpoles that have completely fallen to the ground to Flagpoles that just need minor touchups, we have got you covered!