If you're considering installing a Flagpole, understand that there are many different tasks that go into the process. Flagpole Installation isn't as quick and easy as you may think.
At Flags International, our professional Flagpole Installation team guarantees that your Residential, Commercial or Industrial Flagpole will be Installed to your specifications. We do not cut corners. We take safety very seriously.
With Flags International's professional Flagpole Installation, you will never have to question if your Flagpole is going to be the right size, if it will be sturdy or if it will stand the test of time. We have Installed thousands of Flagpoles over the past 50 years plus and, because of this, have easily become the region's best in this market.


If you have any questions regarding Flagpole Installation or other Flag Services by Flags International, feel free to call us at 574.674.5125 or email us through our contact page.

Here at Flags International, we have installed Flagpoles for all types of properties and do not limit ourselves to any markets. If you are looking for the Best Flagpole Installers near you, you have certainly found them.
Curious if we Install Flagpoles in your market?
Here are a few of the areas where Flags International has installed Flagpoles in the past...

Government Locations
Places of Worship
Malls & Shopping Centers
Amusement & Theme Parks
Commercial Buildings

& more

Regardless of which type of Flags, Flags Accessories or Flag Services that you are interested in, Flags International has got it for you. Call us today at 574.674.5125 or visit our Shop Page here.