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Looking for a Flag that fits your business perfectly? Or are you throwing a special event that includes specific signage to fit the part? Flags International offers endless types of custom Flags including Banners, Table Covers and much more for Residences and Businesses.
Custom Flags are perfect for any company across the Globe to enhance their Business Marketing, to dress up their office space and much more. We love providing companies, just like yours, with beautiful and Custom Flags. 

The best part is that you can customize your sign by providing us with your artwork!
Choose the style of Flag that you would like to create, color, size and more! If you do not have specific artwork, that is no problem at all! We are housed with experienced and professional designers that can do the work for you for an additional cost.
For best results, any artwork that is provided to us should be sent in vectorized or high-quality images. Low-quality or non-vectorized images must be converted or recreated by our design team for a fee.
Moreso, this service is a communication-based one where we will be speaking back and forth with you throughout the entire process to ensure the highest quality of product.

Because we like to go above and beyond at Flags International, we also offer Quantity, Educational and Municipal Discounts.

Create your own unique Flag that is unique to you and you only!




If you have questions about Customizing your own Flag, Banner or more, feel free to contact us here!


Custom Flags are the perfect way to stand out in the crowd, whether you are a business or a homeowner just really looking to "wow" the neighborhood. Flags, often being larger than other types of Flag Signage, stand out from the rest and at Flags International, we make it easy to choose from different options such as color, size and quantity, personalizing your Custom Flag just that much more!


As with everything else we do here at Flags International, we have got an endless amount of options when it comes to Banners! We have every type of Banner that you could possibly imagine, such as Regular Sized Banners, Mini Banners, Indoor Banners, Matte Vinyl Banners and even Avenue Banners! These Banners are sure to stand out in a crowd, while at the same time, making a lasting impression on those around them.


With a Custom Table Cover, you personalize your home, office or event! Whether you are just looking for a specific color or are wanting to print a beautiful design on your Table Cover, Flags International can do that for you!
We offer two different options of Table Covers for your convenience, Table Throw and Table Runners.


Applique Flags are the perfect way to celebrate anything! Great for Football Tailgates, show your school pride while at the same time, showing the year you graduated, your families name or more! Applique Flags are wonderful for showing spirit and personalization!

For more information on Applique Flags, call us at 574.674.5125

Send in your Artwork via email by clicking here 

Regardless of which type of Flags, Flags Accessories or Flag Services that you are interested in, Flags International has got it for you. Call us today at 574.674.5125 or visit our Shop Page here.