fiberglass flagpole
  • fiberglass flagpole
  • 40' Fiberglass Flagpole External Halyard
  • 40' Fiberglass Flagpole External Halyard
  • 40' Fiberglass Flagpole External Halyard
  • 40' Fiberglass Flagpole External Halyard
  • 40' Fiberglass Flagpole External Halyard

Fiberglass External Halyard Flagpole


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1-piece, White fiberglass flagpole with revolving truck, polypropylene halyard, gold ball, and nylon snaps. Also includes square 2 piece flash collar.

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Fiberglass Flagpole

A fiberglass flagpole can simply be a convenient; strong and durable flagpole.

Here’s why:

  • Our fiberglass flagpoles will not pit, corrode or rust over time – an advantage over metal flagpoles.
  • The high-quality gelcoat finish insures the brilliant white surface will not dull over time and exposure to sun, wind and rain.
  • Also The finish won’t stain or discolor.
  • Our fiberglass flagpoles are maintenance-free with the exception of changing the halyard (rope), flag snaps and flag.
  • The internal halyard system comes with a truck (top pulley system) that rotates 360 degrees, therefore your flag will not get wrapped around its pole in variable winds.
  • The system is amazingly simple to operate.
  • The internal halyard protects your flagpole hence your flag from vandalism.
  • And the internal halyard system eliminates the clanging and thunking of hardware slapping against the flagpole in the wind because fiberglass will absorb impact and sound.
  • Also fiberglass flagpoles will not attract lightning or conduct electricity so no grounding is required.
  • Fiberglass flagpoles are light in weight, therefore making installation easier and ideal for homeowners along waterways and lakes.
  • All poles are available with either an in-ground sleeve or a tilting/hinge base
  • Made in the USA

Traditional Flagpoles

If you favor traditional flagpoles, you can choose a fiberglass model with an external halyard. It will have some, though limited, rotation capability and be very quiet in the wind, compared to metal poles. It will have all the strength, durability and lasting beauty of the internal-halyard fiberglass flagpoles.

Our fiberglass flagpoles vary in height from 20 to 40 feet.

Our manufacturing produces exceptionally strong flagpoles. Unflagged, our poles can withstand winds up to 210 mph. Even flagged they can take constant winds up to 170 mph.

If you are looking for maintenance-free and lasting beauty, convenience, strength and durability in your flagpole, contact Flags International.

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20ft, 25ft, 30ft, 35ft, 40ft



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White Powdercoat

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