Shipping Policy

Flags International believes in taking care of our customers in the best way possible. For small product orders, we will try to offer a reduced shipping charge by using USPS Priority Mail as an option as opposed to the standard UPS Ground shipping. For customers that need rush orders either 2nd day or Next day, we will do everything possible to have those orders placed before 12pm EST ship the same day. Orders received after 12pm EST will still ship the next business day. We will be as accommodating as possible so please contact us at 800-627-3524 for additional assistance. With all shipping methods, we can provide a tracking number for our customers; however, once the package leaves our store, we cannot guarantee any further delivery times whether via UPS or USPS. We will act on our customer’s behalf in dealing with any shipments but cannot otherwise influence shipping companies.

International Shipments

Flags International does ship worldwide via UPS Worldwide Express and USPS International. Flags International does not include any sales tax or other taxes in our pricing for International Shipments. The surcharge bill duty tax will be additional to all of our pricing and shipping costs as requested by the deliverer upon receipt of your order. For information or quoting on pricing for various international shipping options, please call us at 800-627-3524 or e-mail Sales Department at [email protected] When requesting a shipping quote, please include all items you would potentially order and have the Ship To address to include street number, city, providence, etc. If you have a specific deadline for delivery, please include that in your request. USPS International is generally less expensive than UPS Worldwide Express but may take longer in shipping.

For all international military shipments, Flags International exclusively uses the USPS Priority Mail. We cannot track these packages beyond the stateside station for APO addresses.

Oversize Shipments

Flags International does its best to minimize all shipping charges for its customers. However, packages over 5’ in length and beyond a certain girth are always considered to be “oversized” for standard delivery carriers. In the case of oversized shipments, additional handling charges are automatically calculated in the packaging, handling and shipping. If you have any question if your order might be considered “oversized”, please contact us at 800-627-3524 or [email protected]

Flagpole Shipments

Flagpoles present a specific challenge with regard to shipping. Flagpoles must ship via common carrier freight and Flags International will need to obtain a quote from a freight line for each order. Flags International will make every effort to find the lowest cost carrier that will properly handle a flagpole order in shipping. Please call us at 800-627-3524 and ask a customer service representative to assist you with your flagpole purchase and to send you a written quote to include shipping.

Damaged Products/Packages and/or Shortages

Unfortunately, there are occasions in which products are damaged during transit or errors are made in quantities of items being shipped. Flags International attempts to do quality control checks on all orders shipping daily to minimize any shortages and ships items in sturdy cardboard boxes. However, if you receive an order that is damaged or shorted, please contact Flags International immediately at 800-627-3524. If your package shows signs of damage, please check everything thoroughly.

DO NOT DISCARD ANY OF THE PACKAGING as we may need it as evidence for the shipping carrier. Replacement items will be sent as soon as possible, once a pending claim action has been filed and settlement is in process with the carrier. For larger items delivered by common carrier, the freight carrier may choose to inspect the package. Additionally, please mark on the Bills of Lading Potential Hidden Damage if you cannot thoroughly inspect the shipment at the time of delivery and have the driver initial your copy of the Bill.

Disposal of packaging prior to claim actions may lead to the claim being denied and force additional charges for replacement items to be incurred.

Flags International will notify you when you may discard all damaged packaging or items.