Flags International has an area for Registered Customers to maintain full control of their user profile and review all orders. Once you have logged in click on the ACCOUNT tab at the top of the website. This tab will take you to the Account Dashboard area and allow you to review or edit the following:

Account Information: Customers will find the general account information such as name and e-mail here. Customers may change their e-mail address or password in this section.

Address Book: Customers may review, edit and add to the Bill to and Ship to addresses in their account profile in this section.

My Orders: Customers may review all previous or saved orders in this section.

Billing Agreements: Flags International does offering billing terms to business customers in good standing with the company. These agreements and terms will be listed in this section if the business customer purchases through the website. Changes to business Billing Agreements must be requested in writing and will be amended by Flags International after a determination and agreement has been finalize.

Recurring Profiles: Any recurring profile for Registered Customers would be present in this section. My Product Reviews: As part of the interactive nature of our website, we encourage our customers to submit Product Reviews for items that they have purchased. These reviews will help Flags International to determine if some products are not up to the standards of quality that we require. Additionally, Product Reviews will help future customers to make educated purchasing decisions based on the recommendations of product users.

My Tags: Customers may Tag items that they would like more information on or are contemplating purchasing or comparing to similar products. These Tags may also allow customers to add items to their Wish List for possible gift ideas and future purchases.

Wishlist: Customer Wishlist items are for the ease of review and possible gift ideas. We would encourage customers to use this area for any potential purchases.

My Downloadable Products: Customers may have images or ideas of items that they would like to share with others. Newsletter Subscription: Customers have the option to receive a Flags International Newsletter and Informational Updates. The updates include: Flags Flying Holiday Information Sheets, Notifications of Half-Staff Days, New Product items, and sales discounts and specials. Customers may choose to subscribe or cancel from this section.

If you have any trouble creating an account or finding items, please contact us at 800-627-3524 or at [email protected]